Broadcast date: Thursday 9th November, 2017

Our most recent Facebook Live event took place on location at Pilates on Bourke in Melbourne, Australia.  On this occasion, Brett was joined by MStranslate community members Sarah and Andrew, who many may remember from other features on this topic, posted to our website and YouTube channel earlier in the year.  In fact, it was the extremely positive feedback received on these pieces that inspired our decision to revisit the topic of pilates and multiple sclerosis through this live broadcast.

For those who may not have seen our past videos,  Sarah is an experienced pilates instructor, while Andrew is a member of the local MS community who has derived significant benefits from pilates since adding it to his MS management plan.  In his own words, Andrew says:

“Pilates is endlessly interesting, fun and addictive because you can start at any level. Some things you will excel at and others leave you completely confused but if you do it several times a week it will change your life.”

From our perspective, common sense said that other people living with multiple sclerosis could derive some of the same benefits Andrew has experienced.  Hence, we’ve been committed to raising awareness and understanding of the role pilates may play in a well-balanced multiple sclerosis management plan.

A full recording of the evening with Sarah and Andrew can be viewed in two parts below.  In part one, Brett conducts a Q&A where he poses his own questions as well as those being received from people watching live on our Facebook page.  In part two, Brett steps behind the camera while Sarah and Andrew demonstrate a selection of the pilates exercises that Andrew has benefitted from.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information shared during this broadcast, please don’t hesitate to comment below or email Brett on


PART 2: Pilates Demonstration

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