MStranslate covers everything from the cell to the self, connecting people through content & conversation:


With exciting progress being made in MS research, MStranslate’s goal is to communicate the technical intricacies of this exploration and its findings, in a format that is understood by the wider MS community.

Due to the many variables of multiple sclerosis, people with MS and their families face the reality of living with uncertainty day-to-day.  MStranslate is driven by a desire to meet their need to know more about what they are experiencing, providing insight into what techniques / treatments are available (or on the horizon), and supplying an environment where experiences can be shared and answers can be sought to the many questions they have.

Complex information will be disseminated within a unique, consistent & engaging structure, resulting in effective, independent communication. MStranslate does exactly what the name implies – translating the complexities of MS research and making this information widely available.


To resolve problems and reduce uncertainty, information is valuable and conversation is invaluable.  Conversation makes everything personal and as demonstrated in current networks, conversation driven by social media tools is an effective medium of dialogue. What sets MStranslate apart is the authenticity of this conversation – it is knowledgeable, personal, responsive, supportive and timely.

Mission Statement

Through both activities, MStranslate aims to build a bridge between elements of the MS Community that currently exist independent of each other.  By engaging MS researchers, people with MS and the media, the challenge of MS can be tackled in a more open, honest, accurate and unified manner.