In the early part of 2017, MStranslate has begun using Facebook Live broadcasting technology to drive more immediate interaction and engagement with our community.  These events provide Facebook followers an opportunity to chat with co-founder, Brett Drummond, seeking his explanations and insights on multiple sclerosis (MS) and the latest developments in MS research.

Originally planned to be 30 minutes in length, we’re excited to announce that community enthusiasm for the concept has been so great that Brett has been online for more than 2.5 hours during both of the first two broadcasts.  It is important to note that, while Brett makes himself available for these events, they would not be successful if not for the fantastic support and genuine interest of our Facebook community (which now numbers almost 1,600 people). Topics discussed to date have included:  the role of MS organisations, fatigue, MitoQ/supplements, cognitive issues, remyelination, crowdfunding initiatives, Vitamin D, diet, (incl. the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS) protocol), exercise and more.

Recognising that our community is spread all around the world, we understand that our broadcast time of 8pm (in Melbourne, Australia) will prevent some members from taking part.  To help these people still get a feel for the discussion that is had, we’ve begun downloading these broadcasts from Facebook and have loaded them to our YouTube channel for future viewing.  For ease of reference, the first two recordings are shown below.  Moving forward, the best place to find future discussions will be here.

Our next Facebook Live event will take place in April, at a date and time still to be decided.  Details will be released on our Facebook page as soon as they’re available.  Importantly, we should make it clear that questions for future events can be submitted at any time, they do not need to be asked live.  Questions can be emailed to Brett via, and he will make sure to address them during his next scheduled broadcast.


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