Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is complex, confronting and challenging. Uncertainty is a constant companion and useful information can be elusive or inaccessible. New information is being added every day.

This is why we established MStranslate – to give unrestricted access to objective, independent, accurate and easy to understand information about multiple sclerosis (MS), so that people living with the condition can make informed decisions about their own care (in conjunction with their family and healthcare providers).

The idea to create this compilation of MStranslate features from 2015-2016 was born out of a recent Facebook Live event, where Brett talked with members of our community for more than 2 hours! Many of the questions asked during this time related to articles previously published, that people new to MStranslate may not have been aware of. Therefore, this new PDF eBook collates the majority of those features in one convenient location.

We hope you benefit from all of the articles and interviews that follow, and encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have on anything you read.

Thank you for your ongoing support of MStranslate, it’s always greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Brett and Eric Drummond,
Co-founders, MStranslate


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