Website & Social Media Acceptable Use Policy

MStranslate welcomes all comments on our website and social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. MStranslate wants to engage with and hear from members of the multiple sclerosis (MS) community all around the world.  Using its website and social media channels, MStranslate aims to facilitate an open, honest, independent and accurate conversation on all MS-related topics, with the objective of enhancing understanding and reducing uncertainty for all who follow MStranslate.

In return, MStranslate expects that all followers, regardless of the platform on which they participate, show courtesy and respect at all times.  Further, they must not use MStranslate’s website or social media channels to abuse / defame MStranslate, abuse / defame MStranslate community members, expose MStranslate community members to offensive and / or inappropriate content, or use MStranslate’s website an / or social media pages for any illegal purpose.

When using MStranslate’s website and / or social media channels, all followers must please ensure that they:

  • protect their personal privacy and that of others by not including personal information about themselves and / or others in their posts (for example, email addresses, private addresses or phone numbers)
  • represent their own views and not impersonate or falsely represent any other person
  • are not abusive and do not harass or threaten others
  • do not make defamatory or libellous comments
  • do not use insulting, provocative or hateful language
  • do not use obscene or offensive language
  • do not post material to MStranslate’s website and / or social media channels that infringes the intellectual property rights of others
  • do not post multiple versions of the same view to MStranslate’s website and / or social media channels or make excessive postings on a particular issue
  • do not promote commercial interests in their posts to MStranslate’s website and / or social media channels
  • do not include internet addresses or links to websites that community members may deem inappropriate or offensive in posts placed on MStranslate’s website and / or social media channels.

MStranslate reserves the right to enforce this Acceptable Use Policy at its discretion. MStranslate may remove any posted messages that it considers to be in breach of the Policy. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact MStranslate at

Website & Social Media Terms of Use

MStranslate is a science communication initiative that presents information on multiple sclerosis (MS) and MS research for the purposes of keeping the international MS community informed and up-to-date.  MStranslate are not practicing medical professionals and, as a result, do not advise on the treatment and / or lifestyle approaches of individuals.  MStranslate expects all followers to discuss information viewed on MStranslate’s website and / or social media channels with their healthcare professional(s) (i.e. GP or neurologist) before making any treatment and / or lifestyle decisions.  MStranslate takes no responsibility for followers who act independently of this advice.

Website & Social Media Privacy Statement

MStranslate may record any information posted to its website and / or social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and may use that information for the purpose of administering its website and / or social media channels, and for considering and / or addressing any comments made. No attempt will be made to further identify users of MStranslate’s website and / or social media channels except where authorised by Australian law.

MStranslate is not responsible for the privacy practices or terms of use implemented by the social media platforms on which it participates.  MStranslate is not responsible for any content published on a website or social media channel linked to its page(s). For further information contact MStranslate at