Our aim is to curate and aggregate the wealth of information available on multiple sclerosis (MS) in a way that makes it accessible to every element of the community.

In this way we will:

  • Keep people living with MS informed of scientific developments in research & treatment
  • Facilitate interaction between members of the MS community
  • Ensure a responsible independent approach is taken to the reporting of news & developments

In-line with these aims, we’re interested in and are actively seeking new partnerships with multiple sclerosis organisations and research institutions both nationally and internationally.   Through our ever-growing community, MStranslate offers a fantastic opportunity for these bodies to directly engage the MS community and generate greater exposure for the work / research they’re undertaking.  To understand how this can be achieved, check out our collaborations with the Melbourne Brain Centre at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (MBC@RMH) and the Kriesel Lab at the University of Utah.

MStranslate is also committed to assisting MS Support Groups keep their members up-to-date and informed.  Through participation in group meetings, either in-person (if local) or online (via Skype, Google Hangouts, etc), MStranslate can present on developments in MS research and treatments, explain how social networks can be used to connect and converse with the international MS community, as well as conduct simple Q&A sessions on all things related to MS.

If you’re interested in learning more, let’s set up a time to chat and work out how we can work together!  Contact us here.