Introducing the MS Research Unit at the Melbourne Brain Centre at Royal Melbourne Hospital

The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Research Unit at the Melbourne Brain Centre (MBC) at Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) is recognised as one of the strongest in Australia. Under the leadership of Professor Trevor Kilpatrick and Associate Professor Helmut Butzkueven, the unit is recognised internationally for its work in MS epidemiology, neuroimaging, basic science and treatment of MS. Through collaboration with scientists and clinicians, the goal of MS@MBC@RMH is to translate scientific findings into clinical practice in order to better understand and help people with MS.

The MS group at MBC covers different but important areas of MS research. These include genomics, genetic predictors of MS severity, novel neuroimaging techniques in MS, treatment of tremor in MS and epidemiological research that focuses on the efficacy of different MS treatments in real practice. Our Oculomotor Research Group studies the correlations between dysfunction of the visual system and MS disability. Clinical trials are of great importance and we are currently investigating the efficacy of different doses of vitamin D on the development of definite MS. Through our collaboration with MStranslate, we hope to share the work done by each of these different research groups in more detail over the coming months.