As the role, relevance and popularity of traditional media formats change and wane, web-based, user-driven social media platforms take their place and continue to grow at an exponential rate.  Social media facilitates the real-time creation, sharing and/or exchanging of information and ideas on a global scale, removing the geographical restrictions associated with local television, newspapers, press releases and conferences.

MStranslate leverages the power, immediacy and reach these new tools provide to bridge a gap between the MS research community and the MS community, establishing new connections and keeping people living with MS up-to-date and informed of developments in research and treatments.


Our aim is to curate and aggregate the wealth of information available on multiple sclerosis in a way that makes it accessible to every element of the community.

In this way we will:

  • Keep people living with MS informed of scientific developments in research & treatment
  • Facilitate interaction between members of the MS community
  • Ensure a responsible independent approach is taken to the reporting of news & developments


MStranslate is based in Melbourne, Australia. Our passion is to see MS research progress and patient care develop through increased education, knowledge and accuracy in the media.


Brett Drummond
MS Researcher & Science Communicator

Dedicated to MS research for the last ten years, MStranslate has been developed as a result of Brett’s desire to continue to contribute to the MS community beyond his Doctoral studies.  His research has been  undertaken at  the University of Melbourne with the financial support of a Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia / Macquarie Bank scholarship.


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Eric Drummond
Social Media & Business Development

Eric complements Brett’s knowledge of multiple sclerosis with is his experience in digital media and operations projects.  He is passionate about the use of new technologies  to establish and grow online communities, connecting people through shared experiences and interests.  In parallel to managing MStranslate online presence, Eric also owns See Breathe, designed to assist businesses develop, implement, enhance and grow their own digital strategy.


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Dr Natalie Thomas
Neuroscience Researcher & Science Communicator

Natalie first contributed to MStranslate in 2015, bringing a wealth of research and communication experience.  Natalie completed her neuroscience PhD at the University of Melbourne, where she investigated the mechanisms of schizophrenia.  Science communication has always been a passion for her and she is looking forward to being involved with and contributing to the MS community.

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MStranslate enables a richer, deeper, more relevant and personal engagement with all parts of the MS Community, strengthening your role and helping your mission.  Join MStranslate, give help and get help so that everybody benefits.